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Our Support and Service Offerings


Emotional Support

The  perinatal period can bring lots of new feelings. Your doula will provide emotional support on your entire journey and equip you with useful skills and tools to ease any worries or new feelings. 

Lactation  Support

Ilana is  a trained lactation consultant and offers breastfeeding guidance during the postpartum period.

Physical Support

Your body is going through a lot and Ilana understands that! You will be provided with physical support during labor and delivery as well as any prenatal and postpartum meetings.

Body work for Labor

Preparing the body for labor is important for an easier labor.  You will be equipped with exercises, birthing positions, and coping mechanisms for childbirth. 

Virtual Support

Life can be busy and your doula understands that! That's why we offer virtual support that allows more flexibility and a fast response time.

Birth Planning

Together we will build a birth plan that allows you to envision the birth you desire. Birth plans allow your care team to be on the same page and allows the birthing person to take control of their birthing space.

Childbirth  Education

Knowing what to expect and the changes your body is going through at every stage can ease any worries and make for a smoother birthing experience. At Genesis we offer basic childbirth education.

Birth Support

The "thing" that doulas do best. We provide continuous birth support from the moment you tell us you think labor has begun to the golden hour, your doula will be there for you emotionally and physically.

Perinatal Resources and Groups

Whether it's a specific groups like breastfeeding support, or general groups like mom walks and circles, we can connect you with amazing groups that grow your community and support system


We are now accepting medi-cal clients throughout San Diego County


It can be confusing knowing what to prep for postpartum. Your doula is happy to help take a load off by preparing nourishing meals you can stash in your freezer for later

Flexible Payment Offerings

Don't let money be the thing that is standing in your way from the birth you deserve and desire. At Genesis we offer payment plans and sliding scale payment so we can be accessible to all.


"When I had questions, Ilana was always able to answer them. She was a good support and full of good ideas to help us along the way. She is respectful and caring. I felt at ease knowing Ilana was by my side the entire time "

-Marie P


"I had the pleasure of having Ilana as my doula for my VBAC. She was incredible support during this time. I highly recommend her to be a part of your birthing experience no matter if it's your first, second, third or even fourth labor & delivery! My husband and I truly wouldn't have been able to do it without her. She was the perfect balance between standing my ground on what I want, and being flexible enough to accept the unexpected things that come with laboring our precious humans. You won't regret having her a part of your team!"

-Kayla D

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